UniCorp was started in 1971 as a Manufacturer of Hardware for electronic and Box Build Enclosures.Today UniCorp produces Captive Panel Hardware, Thumb Screws, Thumb Nuts, Fixed and Folding Handles, Plastic Handles, Precision Shoulder Screws, NAS and MS Hardware, Standoffs, Spacers and Jackscrews.

Beacon Fasteners and Components

Beacon supplies many variations of Thread Forming Screws, Thread Cutting, SEMS, High-Low for Plastics, Metric Screws and Sheet Metal Screws, VMI Support for Fastener Distributors Only


Manufacturer of Rivetnuts (aka Rivnuts®), NAS/Mil-Spec Rivetnuts, Disc-Lock Wedge Locking Washers, Disc-Lock Wedge Locking Nuts, TEC Wedge Locking Washers, Rivetnut Installation Tools, Hand Calibration Unit for Rivetnut Tools, Made to Print Rivetnuts, US Made Rivetnuts, Clinch Nuts, ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949

Rhyno Manufacturing

Rhyno is a Domestic Cold Header/Screw Maker in Chicago area. Producing TAPTITE®, REMFORM®, PLASTITE®, MAGTITE 2000®, POWERLOK®, PUSHTITE®, BSD Self Drilling, CSD Self Drilling, KLEERLOK®, KLEERTITE®, MAThread® and MATPoint®, Sems Screws. ISO 9001:2015 Registered


IFE Produces and develops Clamps for many Applications. Worm Drive Clamps, T Bolt Clamps, Cushioned Clamps, Swedish Style in 316 Stainless, German Style Clamps, Heavy Duty Euro Clamps, Exhaust System Clamps. Customization for your Application to attain Peak Performance.

Edson MFG

Domestic Blind (Pop Type) Rivet Manufacturer. Standards or Specials to meet your Application needs. Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel. MultiGrips, Closed End, Drawn Eyelets. Almost 50 years in business meeting customer needs.


Manufacturing Execution Systems”…Pico MES is a factory operations platform built for small and medium size factories. The Manufacturing Execution System provides real time data through dynamic work instructions for operators and technicians, accurately reflecting your product flow. From integrating equipment to incorporating workstation tools, our software builds in consistency, quality control, and documentation at the ground level for daily production use.

Howard Engineering

Manufacturers of drawn shells, deep drawn shells, progressive stampings, eyelets, covers, gaskets and blind setting rivet bodies, which have been supplied by us to high volume customers internationally for over 50 years.